Soul Restoration

Today I'm starting Brave Girls Club's Soul Restoration for the 4th or 5th time. I'm hoping to actually follow through with the entire class this time. I think I'm going to try to focus mainly on doing it digitally; the previous times I got hung up on my art projects and painting. Also, if I focus on digital, everything will stay put on my laptop instead of getting mixed up in Kennedy's Lego mess haha.


  • Kennedy - quality time
  • Kennedy - school prep
  • Work - specials
  • Work - new job?
  • School - staying caught up
  • Personal - soul restoration
  • Personal - Spanish/French
  • Personal - reading more
  • Home - getting more done
I'm getting pretty distracted watching SR videos..... Night.


Take 1,524,267.. and counting.

Well, it's been 3 years since my last post. A lot has changed, a lot remains the same.

Home: I still live with my parents. Kennedy has grown to the ripe old age of 4.5, and starts Pre-K this fall.

Car: I traded in my Saturn earlier this year for a Toyota PriusC. My wallet is thanking me for getting twice the mpg, especially averaging 50 in daily stop and go traffic.

Work: I still work at Terra Vista in the Snoqualmie Casino. Next month will be my 3 year anniversary there, in April I celebrated 4 years with the casino. I was working on specials for a few months, really honing in my skills and impressing my bosses, but have been put on the bench for the past few months. Hopefully soon I'll be able to start getting my creative genius on again.

School: I finally finished my associate's degree last August. I'm currently enrolled at the University of Phoenix for a BS in Accounting, and I'm looking to transfer to WSU's online Accounting program at some point.

Life: I've been feeling very lost. I've realized that the few (three) people I call my 'best friends' really don't know me, just the current dramas in my life. And I don't really know them. I went to my friend's wedding Saturday night; I knew no one there other than him, I had no idea how he met his wife (other than Events and Adventures) and knew nothing about her or their lives currently. I hadn't seen him in close to a year, and the last time we saw each other, Kennedy and I were mostly the topic of conversation.

Percolating on this, I realized that I don't even really know who I am. Through the years, I have changed myself so much to be what I thought those surrounding me wanted/expected me to be, that I don't know who I am. I have this amazing kid that has his very own personality, and I find the things he's learning from me, are the things I don't want him to be, nor do I want to be those things either.

I'm hoping to start a soul-seeking journey, as well as reprioritizing how my time is spent, and on what.

More to come...



Saw this cool sketch challenge over at Sketchy Thursdays, and figured I'd get my paper-crafting mojo started.

I used We R Memory Keepers' White Out Collection - Hoopla paper, and Stampin' Up! stamp set Celebrate Everything. Here's what I came up with:

Hoping to get a few more cards/trinkets made today..


I got a second card done today. Our personal challenge was to use a retired paper pack from Basic Grey Infuse . I also decided to use this card from my mom's friend Shannon over at The Giving Finch. I just loved it. Here's my card:

And a close up of the bird detail:


Wet paint and life improvement..

So today was great. I got to bed shortly after my post, and woke up at 6. Instead of going back to sleep until Kennedy woke me back up, I got out of bed and started my day. I did laundry, took out garbage, halfway cleaned the stove, went to the gym, got some delicious school supply yum yums at Staples.. including this beauty:
   so cute!! mine is aqua however..  

which I'm going to use to custom create a MOMager just for me.. I can't wait to get started on it tomorrow..

This is totally random, but I absolutely love road paving. There is something about the crisp dark coloring of the new asphalt against the mundane colorless life that existed along the old, not cared for road. The crisp darkness of the charcoal asphalt plays against the crisp, clean, white of the newly painted fog lines. I just love it so much.

It makes me think about all the little touch-ups we do to keep our appearances fresh and interesting. Haircuts and colors, nail polish, jewelry, make-up, our clothes, shoes, handbags, etc.. What was the most recent purchase you made to liven up your appearance? I bought a new pair of sunglasses the other day. They were an inexpensive Target delight, but those coupled with the right make up and hair style, and I feel like a million bucks..

It is time for bed now. My ambition and need for wind-down time just got sucker punched by exhaustion and the reminder of only getting four hours of sleep last night.. here's to hoping for a little more, but waking up early enough to be semi-productive tomorrow.


Here comes the sun..

Boy, oh boy, was I accurate in my word choice for 2011.


I've been a little blonde,

more blonde,

and then a lot of blonde..

Bought MY first car and insurance,

got my first diamonds,

my job became intolerable

but, next week I'll be transferring into a new venue, and starting a new experience..

Today is the two year anniversary of my cousin's death, in three days I turn 23, and in four days I start my new position, and that's just what's on the schedule this week.. Needless to say I have a lot going on right now and I'm trying to find the motivation to make it all happen successfully.

I watched Limitless today, my first thought was 'I wish I could get that..'. My concluding thought was, what if I could just make the most of the time I have and use the full 20% of my brain that I have access to, to accomplish as much as I can. I can guarantee I frequently do not live up to my potential. I often choose to veg out in front of the TV using the excuse that I'm 'thinking things over' 'planning things out'.. but what I need to do is just get up and do whatever I thought needed to be done. If I'm sitting on the couch, watching a show on NickJr (that I occasionally get sucked into) with Kennedy, and I'm thinking about when the floor was last swept, and that it should probably be done today (aka it'll never get done unless my mom does it), I need to just get up and sweep the floor instead of thinking and daydreaming about it.

I need to start living. I don't need to do MORE than what I'm capable of.. I just need to do WHAT I'm capable of, instead of so much LESS.

I'm hoping to start blogging my accomplishments, failures, frustration, and elation, as a means to monitor my progress (and even prove I've done stuff if no one believes me haha).

So now at 1:32AM I'm going to go to sleep, hoping to be more productive tomorrow that I managed today.